Why handmade natural body bars?

Natural Soap is Made With Natural Ingredients

The very best reason to use natural soap is the ingredients.  Each of our soap bar recipes begins with a special blend of nutrient-rich, skin-nourishing oils.

We then add a variety of butters, and other items that vary from bar to bar which may include purifying natural clays, herbs, seeds, grains, spices, botanicals, chocolate, honey and essential oils.  

This combination results in a mild, rich, moisturizing soap that feels great on your skin. Our handmade natural soaps are made in small batches, every bar contains goat milk from our gorgeous goats, located in the Hawkesbury Valley near Sydney.


Natural Soap Is Made With...

Our soap bars contain only the ingredients that they need—no extra preservatives that liquid body washes or commercial bar soaps require to increase their shelf life to years, and no foam boosters to make them lather.

Gentle, skin safe ingredients mean that natural soap will not dry out skin or irritate skin as can be seen with synthetic ingredients.

The oils and butters that commercially made bars use are often ultra-refined, and they no longer provide many of the advertised skincare benefits.

Unrefined, virgin oils and butters are much more expensive, and due to their natural scents and rich profiles. 

Natural Soaps Are Moisturising

Many people have the misguided perception that all bar soaps will dry your skin. The problem is that most commercial bar soaps are detergents and have had many of the natural moisturisers removed in the production process.


There are three main reasons why natural soaps are moisturizing.

1. Natural Soaps are made with plant oils and butters. Natural soap made of pure ingredients derived directly from nature is virtually impossible to find in most shops these days.  Unlike the strong detergents in commercial soaps that strip natural skin oils and often dry and irritate the skin.

2. Natural Soaps are Superfatted

Our soap bars are formulated with extra plant oils and butters in a process called superfatting.  This process leaves a portion of unincorporated oils in the finished soap, which ensures that our natural soap bars have superior moisturizing and emollient properties. Commercial soaps usually sacrifice the moisturizing properties to provide a extremely long shelf-life.  

3. Natural Soaps retain their natural Glycerine

Glycerine is created during the natural soap making process!  Glycerine, a precious and gentle emollient, is a humectant that draws moisture from the air to the skin creating a moisturizing protective layer. Handmade soap retains all the moisturizing natural glycerine which also helps produce a rich luxurious lather.

Commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerine from their soaps - to use in moisturisers and to extend the shelf life. 


Thus skin-nourishing ingredients, plus superfatting and natural saponification create a soap bar full of moisturizing, natural oils and natural glycerine.

Scented Natural Soap Provides Real Aromatherapy

Scented natural soaps are made with pure essential oils, not fragrance oils, and offer aromatherapeutic benefits.

Natural Soap Helps Maintain Healthy Skin

Natural soap may help improve skin by relieving itchiness, dryness, and easing skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.


Natural Soap Provides Rich Lather Without Synthetic Foam Boosters

The foam, bubbles, and lather we know and love from commercial liquid and bar soaps are produced by surfactants - synthetic foam boosters, lathering agents, and detergents. These additives are very inexpensive body cleansing products and are quite drying for the skin.


A properly formulated and cured bar of natural soap needs no synthetic additives to create a lather because natural soap is a natural surfactant. Our  soap makes lots of bubbles and lather, and helps clean oily dirt from your skin - naturally!


Nature’s ingredients like coconut oil, castor oil as well as the retained natural glycerine also help create a rich silky lather.

Natural Soap is Economical

Some consumers are put off by the cost of handmade soap. Why does it cost more?

Simply put, commercial soaps contain synthetic ingredients that are very cheap to produce in a lab. However keep in mind the added cost of the moisturisers and skin creams you need to re-moisturise your skin after you have used commercial soaps.

Handmade Natural Soap is Actually Soap

Most of the soap you purchase today is a commercially manufactured cocktail of ingredients. It is not a natural product, they are more synthetic detergents in disguise.

The traditional soapmaking method is called the cold process method, and is the method utilised by milkhoneybody. 

But here are some things to think about!

Commercial soap companies do not want extra oils or glycerine in their soaps because they decrease shelf-life. Without these extra oils to moisturize your skin, you must reach for that bottle of lotion!


Many of the synthetic ingredients needed to create lather, colours, scent, and years of shelf-life are known skin irritants. 


Natural handmade soaps may come with a higher price tag, but they provide a host of benefits when it comes to your skin. Natural soaps are made with higher quality ingredients:

  • Starting with natural oils and butters

  • The scents added to natural soaps are pure plant essential oils, not fragrance oils

  • Natural soap colours come from natural juices, teas, spices, botanicals, or clays.